Resort Maps

Attractive resort maps attract visitors. They tell the story of your resort because they engage your visitors.

A resort map tells visitors what features and activities you offer. And it motivates them to explore. As a result, both the resort and surrounding area receive deeper interaction from your guests.

A recipe for a successful resort map

So what should a successful resort map offer?

First, it must be attractive enough to engage the visitor.

Second, it must communicate visually. Instead of “x marks the spot,” a good resort map uses pictorial icons of things to tell what’s where.

It helps if the map design is modern and the map looks stylish. Bright colors and bold icons do more than show what’s where. They encourage exploration.

And last, the map must convey professionalism. You work to make your staff, facilities, and printed and web materials as professional as possible. So why not your map?

Building a resort map

We build maps from GIS data. Not only is the resulting map accurate, it also matches what visitors see when they view the area on their phone.

In the images below, note our use of color and icons. Some maps use textures and natural-looking trees. Others use stylized icons for vegetation, buildings, and water features.

To learn more about what’s possible for your resort, see our Resort Maps–A Case Study and a related post, Parks & Recreation Maps–A Case Study. These may inspire you as you consider your own map.

Patti's 1880s' Settlement
Patti’s 1880’s Settlement in Grand Rivers, Kentucky. This family-friendly site has restaurants, putt-putt golf, a petting zoo, and fun and fascinating shops. Visit them online at Patti’s 1880’s Settlement.
Granite Point Resort on Loon Lake
Granite Point Resort in Eastern Washington, on Loon Lake, offers a full set of leisure activities, including the admiration of magnificent scenery. Visit the resort at Granite Point Resort.
Private Golf Course in Michigan
Private golf course in Michigan with natural textures and trees.
BIG4 Holiday Park in Australia
For Australia’s BIG4 Holiday Parks, we created this colorful map of camping and amenities at the Saltwater @ Yamba.
Avanti International Resort in Orlando, Florida
The Avanti International Resort near Orlando, Florida, showing detailed building and leisure locations.

As you can see, whatever your resort offers, we can map it.

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