Custom Type for Call-Out Boxes

To call attention to type labels on your map, consider placing them in a custom call-out box.

But not just any box will do. Place labels in boxes painted with Adobe Illustrator’s visual effects to help them stand out, or above, other details on the map.

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Parks & Recreation–A Case Study

Parks and recreation maps are successful when they attract new and returning visitors. Our custom maps are designed to help park visitors make the most of their recreation.

Parks System Map

The Frisco Parks and Recreation Department in Frisco, Texas, contacted us about producing a system map showing their many resources. This public map included community, neighborhood, and special-use parks, facilities, and trails and greenways. The map was built from current geographic (GIS) data procured from the city; this guaranteed that city street and feature information was current and accurate.

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Vintage Maps in Ads

In a 2013 ad for Ford, a 1950s atlas was used to talk about an engineer who grew up on two continents. Ford’s ad does not use a contemporary map. Instead the overly dramatic images from over 50 years ago had the visual punch to make good use of its second of video time.

Ford Motor Company has been playing a television ad for the past few months. In it, Ford points to the international flavor of the developers of its 2013 Ford Escape SUV. View the commercial on YouTube here: Ford Escape Hands-Free Liftgate Commercial.

Page from Frank Debenham's "The Global Atlas"
Page from Frank Debenham’s “The Global Atlas”

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